Therapy Services

Therapy is provided by experienced certified/ registered clinical counsellors who have formal evidence-based trauma training (e.g., EMDR). Our therapy is integrative and holistic in nature, and our therapists are trained in both cultural and clinical competencies. Therapists have experience working with indigenous populations, providing a culturally sensitive approach that is highly effective and tailored to our clients' needs.


We provide coaching services to clients who are ready to take the next steps in their life journeys by helping establish goals, clarify their values, and work towards them. We work with clients in areas of life such as career, relationships, health, and finances.


Our consultants provide support to organizations and communities by developing organization-wide, systemic group interventions that incorporate a holistic approach to social wellbeing. We offer change management solutions that are values centered and human focused to support clients at the community level to embrace changes that are in alignment with their future goals.